Top-quality lettering and guidance systems.

Pioneering, practical, neat and sensible. Available in all materials and colours. Production to your specific requirements using our own patented reference systems and signs.

Our experience in dealing with exclusive materials along with uncompromising standards of quality and innovation will guarantee you signs which say a lot more than merely what is written on them.

Logos and texts in brass

Illuminated and luminous escape route signs

Logos and texts in gold-plated brass

Signs in acrylic glass

Bright chromium-plated signs (here additionally embossed)

Complete bell push covers and instrument and switch panels

Guidance systems

Reference signs (our own patent)

Residents board (our own patent) with integrated bell push system

Individual door signs

Exclusive door signs made to your very special requirements Personal door signs

Illuminated signs in acrylic glass and normal glass

Logos and texts in aluminium, brass, acrylic and other materials

Outdoor reference signs mounted in tubular frames